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First of all, I have to start by apologising for neglecting this blog so much for the past few weeks! I have been so busy focusing on my style one, and building up an Instagram for it, that I have completely fallen off the radar on here – so much that one of my lovely readers, and fellow blogger herself, actually left a comment to check up on me! Thank you, Anja! But I am back now and I’m determined not to let this happen again for so long. I thought that I could start with a short catch-up on what I’ve been up to the past few weeks!

Holiday in Mexico!

Last month, my boyfriend and I flew to Mexico for a week of tacos, sun and exploring colourful streets. While we were a little surprised at how different it was to what we had imagined, we still had a lovely time with lots of memories to take home. I’m looking forward to sharing some posts with you on this blog but if you’d like a sneak peek then head over to Milena Wears for an outfit post from the holiday! I’m hoping to put together some travel guides in addition to my usual travel diary posts as I thought that it would be nice to share something helpful for anyone thinking of visiting this part of Mexico in the near future.

Volunteering at a museum

Alongside working on my new style blog and Instagram account, I have also been volunteering at a local museum in my hometown, the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum. I’ve been helping to promote our new exhibition, posting lots on social media and even writing for their blog. If you are ever in Bournemouth then I would definitely recommend a visit! It’s kind of a hidden gem as many locals don’t even realise that it is here on our doorstep. What I’ve really enjoyed about volunteering here is becoming part of a team with all of us working towards a common goal of setting up the exhibition. It has also been really insightful to see all of the behind-the-scenes of a museum and art gallery. I will hopefully continue my volunteering over summer as I’m really enjoying my time there!

Learning Adobe Lightroom

One of the reasons for the lack of holiday posts yet is because I have been teaching myself Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos in the way that I would like them to turn out. Before, I just used the simple contrast, highlights, exposure etc. in the Apple Photos app but I wasn’t always happy with the final result. Not that long ago, I didn’t even know about resizing photos for the web. It took some getting used to but I’m really enjoying working with Lightroom now and experimenting with different ways of editing my photos, depending on the lighting, colours and mood that I’m going for. I have even dabbled with Photoshop a little but my little MacBook Air sadly does not have enough storage left to save large files. I need to find some external storage asap but the thought of spending that much money on something so mundane – ie. not something wearable – doesn’t excite me very much. If anyone has any suggestions for an affordable one, then let me know!

Starting a new style blog

As I have already mentioned, I’ve been working on a new side blog dedicated to fashion, including my journey to discovering my personal style and what inspires me daily. When I started millieonhearts, it was quite spontaneous and I had no clear idea of what I wanted it to turn out like! Naturally, this blog has progressed to be quite personal as my time in the blogging world reaches close to a year now, and it has been so lovely sharing parts of my life with my readers and other bloggers who have become amazing blogging friends! I’m happy to continue sharing my daily life, weekend adventures, and travel diaries with you all, as those are some of the things I love writing about the most. However, I also love clothes, accessories and everything to do with fashion, but it didn’t quite fit in with this blog! I’ve also realised that maybe not all my readers are interested in both topics, so by having two different blogs, it is a little easier to have an audience in mind. However, all from this blog are more than welcome to check out my new style blog, and I know that some of you already have, so thank you!

Growing on IG

Another thing that has kept me busy these last few weeks has been every small blogger’s nemesis as of late: Instagram. Every short while, it seems more and more impossible to grow on this platform without resorting to any shady tactics. I’ve been using different methods like identifying similar accounts, using geotagging, and just focusing on curating a sleek feed to help expand the reach from my new style account. Similarly to the above point, my millieonhearts account naturally turned into a personal account because of the friendships I have formed online! While I still want to share personal photos on there, I started feeling a little uneasy about it being so out there for all to see. I probably won’t make it private, but it does have that more personal feel to it. I actually experimented with not using many hashtags and found that my engagement was almost the same, meaning that the majority of those who like my photos are already followers! This, along with the lovely comments that I receive from my blogging friends and followers, makes me really happy and all the more determined to keep it quite personal! Therefore, I plan on keeping my @milenawears account just style and travel related, focusing on the clothes and accessories (with maybe a cocktail thrown in for good measure!).

So this is what I have been up to lately and why I have been a little MIA from the blog! I’m hoping that once I manage to edit my Mexico photos properly, I’ll be able to put some posts up from my holiday and share some memories with you! I also have another opportunity coming up soon, which I’m quite excited to post about on here. In addition to that, I am also starting to plan my next holiday for this summer, which will hopefully happen if flight prices don’t suddenly decide to inflate x1000 as they usually do over the summer holiday, so that’s another exciting thing to look forward to!

What have you been up to lately?


    • milenkamillie
      June 3, 2017 / 12:22 am

      Thank you, lovely! And yayyyy I can’t wait to share them ☺️ xxx

  1. June 23, 2017 / 2:04 pm

    That’s weird, I thought I had written a comment on here but obviously not! It’s so lovely to read about what you got up to recently and volunteering is so great to do…. and so rewarding! I love all the things you have been working on too. xxx

    • millieonhearts
      July 3, 2017 / 8:43 pm

      I think you did but it didn’t transfer over when I changed hosting! Such a mess I’ve had with all of these technical things! :'( Aww thank you! Yessss volunteering is great and it’s nice to do something helpful hehe.

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