ginnin’ at the london gin club

A well-made gin and tonic in hand makes me a very, very happy person, as those who know me are well aware. A few months ago Dave and I took an impromptu trip to London for the day to sample some beautiful gins at the London Gin Club and found ourselves in gin heaven.

The LGC is tucked around the corner in Soho in what used to be The Star at Night cocktail bar, still named so above the door, giving the new gin bar an elusive vibe. Founded in 2012 by self-proclaimed “gin-o-philes”, the LGC now has over 200 gins to try, so you know this is a true gin mecca.

Floral and citrusy flavours are my favourite so anything paired with a peel of lemon or a raspberry is guaranteed to be a winner. Each G&T is served in a Copa glass to allow the full aroma to encapsulate you, with a garnish and tonic specially selected to match the botanicals in the gin. The selection of gins to try includes Berkeley Square, Bloom, Botanist, Edgerton Pink, Gin Mare, London No 1 and Sipsmith. I would definitely recommend the Williams if you like fruity gin, whereas Dave had the Twisted Nose, aptly selected for its whimsical name.

Staying true to its roots, the LGC also has an extensive cocktail menu featuring the classics as well as some of their own more intricate concoctions. The French 75 was wonderful.

While the drinks, both gin and cocktails, are not super cheap, they are definitely a more-than reasonable price for central London. If you would like your money to go even further, there is the possibility of their ever-changing Gin Tasting Menus. Prices start at £27 for a selection of four gins plus carefully selected tonic and garnish for each. For £28 you can try the blind tasting menu, which allows you to experience the gins for yourself and choose a garnish to complement each one, or the overproof menu  – recommended to share! Finally, £55 lets you sample the entire spectrum: dry, floral, citrus, savoury, sweet, spicy and aromatic, as well as a gin liqueur.

This is a truly wonderful place to spend a late afternoon or early evening, with a relaxed vibe and attentive table service. The attention to detail is incredible, with the bartenders even using twice-frozen ice. These are people who really know and understand gin. I’m already planning my next visit and can’t wait to sample their new autumn tasting menu.


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