Gdańsk’s cute little Christmas market

Looking around at stalls selling handcrafted gifts, a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine in hand, shivering because it’s so cold… there’s nothing I love more than walking around a Christmas market at this time of year! There’s just something so sweet and enchanting about them, something that reminds me of being a child and all of the wonderful things to do with Christmas. So, for our festive break, Dave and I wanted to make sure we chose somewhere with a pretty Christmas market that we could spend time wandering around. Even though Gdańsk is not a typical place to go to in winter, the Christmas market was really lovely and full of sweet little touches. It was cute and compact but had everything that a classic market should have. Since it was only a five minute walk from our hotel in the centre of the old town, we ended up popping in every day, both in the morning and in the evening, to soak up the festive vibes! I thought I would do just a little summary of some of the things we came across at the market and let the photos do most of the talking.

♡ Gift Stalls

Plenty of stalls were selling beautiful handmade gifts, including some lovely pottery that would have made perfect Christmas presents for family. We also saw a stall with homemade fruity wine and really pretty traditional baubles. I wish that I had had more luggage space to actually buy something, as everything looked so tempting.

♡ Festive Decorations

The market was showered in beautiful lights and lots of festive little touches, including made-up street signs like ul. Czekoladowa, meaning Chocolate Street! There was a beautiful reindeer carriage draped in fairylights, a magical archway, and even a kissing booth, which Dave and I planned to try but got too shy in the end! Everywhere was so picturesque, hence the many, many photos I have!

♡ Ice Skating

Ice skating is a must at Christmas markets but the ice rink here was tiny and most likely aimed at little children so, like the sensible adults we are, we didn’t actually try it! It looked very sweet, though, and added another nice decorative touch to the market.

♡ Ferris Wheel

This is something that Dave and I were very excited about! Gdańsk’s very own ferris wheel turned out to be much, much bigger than we expected, and looked beautiful in the backdrop. We went on it on our third night and had the most mesmerising view over the whole city. Luckily, the enclosures were heated so we were nice and toasty.

♡ Food and Drink

Classic dishes like sausages and bigos, a Polish cabbage and meat stew, were served at the market, as well as some vegetarian options, such as potatoes and mushrooms, so I definitely felt catered for! We tried mulled cider, which was really yummy and definitely helped with the cold. There were also little stalls selling homemade hot chocolate, fruit liqueurs and, of course, mulled wine, but we couldn’t find mead anywhere!

















As someone who is admittedly a little obsessed, I have been to my fair share of Christmas markets over the last several years and this one in Gdańsk definitely makes the top few. Some of my other favourites include the one in Winchester, which snakes around the cathedral and has an abundance of British homemade gifts, as well as the huge market in the main square in Wrocław, another city in Poland that I visited a few years ago. What’s your ultimate favourite Christmas market? Are you just as obsessed as I am about wandering around the different stalls and admiring the decorations?


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  1. December 29, 2016 / 12:32 am

    omg it looks amazing!!! 😀 <3 I love the lights, how they stand out in the dark 🙂 awesome post 🙂 xx

    • milenkamillie
      December 29, 2016 / 9:08 am

      Thank you! It was really pretty! x

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