After waking up from our nap and sadly missing breakfast at the hotel (it’s one of my favourite things about being on holiday) we ventured out of our lovely hotel to go exploring. It was really nice how our hotel was located among where the locals lived so we had quite an authentic first experience of Montenegro; there was even a tiny makeshift fruit stall around the corner, although there was a very large congregation of wasps so we didn’t stop to buy any.

We quickly discovered we were minutes away from the beaches, cafés and restaurants, which was perfect as we were able to hop back and forth from our room if we needed a little break from the sun. We also realised how significantly less developed Montenegro is to other holiday destinations we’ve been to. It wasn’t run down in any way – it was just less busy and less built up, which was actually really refreshing.

All the touristy places were parallel to the beach and all very close to each other. Further along the shore was the marina with lots of boats offering tours around nearby islands, which we ended up going for on our last day in Budva.

On our first day we had lunch at the Restoran Obala overlooking the beach and the sea, which was a lovely start to our time in Budva. I would definitely recommend this restaurant as the tuna salad I had was so fresh and there was sooo much of it; Dave seemed to love his carbonara too! It’s also on Trip Advisor which means it’s pretty well known.

I bought this white straw hat from one of the touristy markets – the boy working there picked it out for me and I fell in love with the hat instantly. And the photo was taken just before a wasp decided to sample my fruit juice and consequently drown… We left pretty quickly after that.

This side of Budva felt very touristy – despite only hearing native English speakers on two occasions – and reminded me of the beach strips in places like Tenerife and Ibiza, only less hectic. There was a very open feel to the whole area as there were hardly any doors or closed off areas – this was another thing that I really liked but I think that’s what gave it that “holiday resort” feel. Most of the tourists we came across, however, were from the continent and I heard a couple of Polish speakers which was nice!

On the whole, our days consisted of just walking around exploring, observing the locals and eating a lot of ice cream.


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